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            About Us

            Hubei HuangMaiLing Holding Group Co., Ltd.

            Hubei HuangMaiLing Holding Group Co., Ltd.
            Hubei HuangMaiLing Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned industrial enterprise integrating five major industrial sectors, including new fertilizers, fine chemicals, new materials, mineral resources and industry-city integration, founded in May of 2017. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hubei United Investment, the company is the cornerstone of the expansion of phosphorus chemical industry of Hubei United Investment and the capital operation platform of foreign industry. It shoulders the responsibility of expanding the physical industry of phosphorus chemical industry by 100 billion yuan and building the largest phosphorus chemical enterprise in Hubei Province. It owns Hubei HuangMaiLing Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd., Anhui Jinniu Mining Co., Ltd., Hubei HuangMaiLing Sales Co., Ltd. And other subsidiaries. Among them, Hubei HuangMaiLing Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd. is the owner of HuangMaiLing Mineral fertilizer combined project, one of the five largest phosphate fertilizer bases in China and an excellent enterprise in Hubei Province.
            During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the company implemented the joint development strategy of Hubei United Investment. Relying on the powerful policy transformation ability, resource integration ability and capital operation ability of Hubei United Investment, and taking advantage of the opportunity of national phosphorus chemical industry to reduce capacity, the company vigorously promoted transformation and upgrading development, merger and reorganization, and industry-city integration. The company builds a high-quality staff team, actively integrates into the development rhythm of the group, takes improving the quality and efficiency of development as the center, and takes factor innovation, technology innovation and management innovation as the driving force to expand and strengthen the real industry. In accordance with the working ideas of "reform and innovation, fine management and diversified development", the company takes the initiative to adapt to the new normal of economic development, actively cultivate new business forms and new business models, and strive to build five business segments and create new growth points of benefits.

            Hubei HuangMaiLing Phosphorus Chemical Co. Ltd.
            Hubei HuangMaiLing Phosphorus Chemical Co. Ltd. (formerly known as Phosphate Ore in Xiaogan, Hubei Province), founded in October 1973, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HuangMaiLing Group. It is the talent training base for dry Phosphorus chemical industry of Hubei United Investment, with a registered capital of 1.17 billion yuan. The company is rich in resources, with 90 million tons of phosphate ore. The main products are diammonium phosphate, phosphoric acid, compound fertilizer, sodium fluosilicate 10,000 tons/year, iron powder 300,000 tons/year. HuangMaiLing is a well-known trademark in China. HuangMaiLing brand chemical fertilizer products passed the national ecological and environmental protection product certification, and was ranked among the top 50 chemical fertilizer brands trusted by farmers in 2016.

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